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  TODAY - Caroling 2:30 pm

15 - Election of new Elders,

Greg Chapman to Deacons

Frank  Sharp to Session

2nd term, Paul Hardy-Deacons

Mary Kallem-Session


 Joys & Concerns

People with birthdays this week

  Wilbur Wason family    

  Noreen Jenkins - Health

  Churches in Clarion  

  Peace in our World


Acolyte for December is Landen Kakacek

Greeters for December 15 are Eleanor & Jeff Fankhauser

Ushers for December are Jeff Fankhauser & Roger Kallem


 There will be hot chocolate and cookies after caroling at the church

 Presbyterian Church

 Pastor Bill

 Pastor Bill Cell Phone  515/293-2104

Church website



13 - Kaitlin Kubly

14 - Alex Williams

               Tucker Howieson