Our service this sunday January 26th is at the red shed at 10:00 am

About Us



The Session
Moderator   Pastor Bill Kem
Clerk       Deb Olson

The Elders
Class of 2019      Malinda Howieson
                           Mary Kallem
Class of 2020     Mark Fisher
                          Peg Bunn
Class of 2021      Karen Wason

                           Jeff Fankhauser

 Meets 2nd Wednesday of 

Each Month - 7:00 pm

No Meetings in July


 Class of 2019      Paula Kruger
​                              Paul Hardy
Class of 2020      Amanda

Class of 2019      Paula Kruger
​                            Paul Hardy
Class of 2020      Amanda Langfitt
                             Adam Nerlien

Class of 2021       Tricia Polzin
                             Scott Wason



 Our Staff

Bill Kem - Pastor

Nancy Reyna - Office Manager

Kevin Kakacek - Treasurer         

Jill Watne - Financial

Keith Bell - Custodian      
Mary Kallem - Music Director